About Rumtek Tourism

The most popular attraction in Rumtek is the Rumtek monastery.
Rumtek Monastery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sikkim, and Footprints Holiday is proud to offer tours and activities that allow visitors to experience the beauty and history of this important cultural site. As a responsible tourism company, we recognize the significance of Rumtek Monastery to the local community and strive to promote sustainable tourism in the area.
 Our guided tours of the monastery provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Rumtek, and we encourage our clients to respect the traditions and customs of the local people. We also offer other activities in the surrounding area, including trekking and cultural tours, to provide our clients with a well-rounded and meaningful travel experience.
One can also book homestays and resorts in Rumtek for those seeking a solitary and authentic holiday experience. Our partners provide secluded accommodations that allow visitors to connect with the beauty of the surrounding area and immerse themselves in the peaceful and serene environment of Sikkim.

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